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Romania, Satu Mare, Avram
Iancu no. 39/A

Casa Transilvania:
+40 746952.598

Welcome to Satu Mare!
Welcome to Casa Transilvania!

To one of the most beautiful Transylvanian cities, a quiet town, where life was always connected to the Someş River that crosses it. The old town, with its’ charming neighborhoods, beautiful and comfortable houses covered in vegetation, with some architectural jewels, is located on the right bank of the river. The working-class neighborhoods built in the communist area are situated on the left bank. Departing from the old city centre one can walk along some roads with monumental buildings, however time has left its’ mark on their façade. CASA TRANSILVANIA is located on one of these boulevards, pleasantly combining the classic and modern styles. In the lobby of the reception guests are invited to a nice cup of coffee or tea. The chosen colors and atmosphere ensure a pleasant stay.

Weekend Offer

During the weekend we offer special rates for all our suites.